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Why with some apps I only see a Black Screen and with others I don't?

This is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) Limitation imposed by the app. Some Apps do not allow the screen to be captured, the TV screen will be black. This is done to protect the copyrights of the content the app is displaying. This will happen with apps like: Netflix, Apple+, Amazon Prime, etc.

Why does the app connects to the device but does not start the mirroring?
Go to your device Settings App under “Screen Time” > “Restrictions” > “Content Restrictions” > “Screen Capture” > “Allow”
Why can't I find and connect to my device?
If you can’t connect to your device try to turn both on and off, and kill the iOS app. If that fails please verify if they are any updates pending. You can also try rebooting your internet router or check the settings. If you have multiple networks at home try to change between them and see if the app can find the device in any of them
Why does the app says Recording? And what about my Privacy?
The app uses an Apple API and only has access to the screen when you start mirroring. Technically, it uses ReplayKit, a technology that allows to record the screen. For privacy and performance reasons I don’t record any user information, the information goes directly into the device and never leaves the local network of your house.
Why does the app works on one device but not the other?
Try to narrow down what factors differ between both. Can be the network settings, the version or any restriction. If the problem still occurs please write me an email at
Why some apps don't play sound and others yes?
Please make sure the mute switch (physical and software) is not enabled. Also verify if the sound is not playing in any external accessory, such as headphones or speakers. You can also check if the Chromecast device or the TV are not muted.
How can I improve the performance of the streaming?
If your Router has two networks one on 2.4 GHz and the other on 5 GHz, please make sure both the iOS device and the Chromecast are on the same band. Preferentially the 5 GHz one.
Why do I see Black Bars in the TV instead of the Full Screen Image?
This is known as Letterbox. Since the resolution of the device and the TV do not match exactly the image needs to be cropped.
Why does the image rotate on some apps but not on others?
If the image rotates on some apps but not others, the reason is that the app in question didn’t implement the system rotation. Please choose a specific orientation in Settings.
What features are not included in the free version?
The free version shows advertising and limits the mode you can use to cast.
What if I have a question that is not in the F.A.Q.?
No problem, just send us an email and we will answer the doubt.
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